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Areospace Education

Aerospace Education - The Civil Air Patrol’s aerospace education program is the driving force within the 3-tiered program. It is designed to educate youth and inform the public about air and space matters. America’s leadership in aviation and the space program have had an impact on everyone’s life, whether it is in learning more about the world or the solar system around us or in the development of new technology and products to enhance our quality of life. Aerospace education through the use of the 6 module book set, cyber patriot program, robotics, powered flights, and glider flights can excite young people to learn more about math, science, technology, history, and other subjects. Lessons that are deemed boring by school students suddenly take on new meaning and direction when they are associated with the fascinations of flight and space.

  Civil Air Patrol squadrons such as ours also educate schools and communities through presentations and activities to bring an awareness to aviation-related topics. Squadrons have for the past 30 years have supported many aerospace education workshops, (4,000 for educators at more than 250 post-secondary education schools). 

  These programs have educated 200,000 educators and counting to help teach aerospace education-related topics in their schools. Partnerships with local schools brings an enriched relationship between the schools, community, and the squadron.

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